Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Nude Model's Library

Surprise, I look at online porn.  But it's for research.

And, as if you didn't know, there are naked ladies on the internet.  As you yourself might be a naked lady on the internet.  I'd like to think so.

But sometimes, when I'm not looking at naked ladies, for research, I look around the naked ladies for books.  There are many naked lady photos online where they pose with or near collections of books.  And I often wonder how this collection was acquired, whether by random used bookstore bargain bins or if this is an actual collection from some personal library.  In many photos, the book tittles, ... oh, look, I accidentally wrote "tittles" instead of titles.  Silly me.  Many of the book titles are in Russian or German or some other language I don't really need for my research, so I don't pay too much attention.  But then there are books in English and I take notice.  I don't have any research on what the Nude Gentlemen are reading. 

IN THIS ONE PHOTO which I won't post (okay, I will) , I can read some titles clearly:

Connelly, Michael. Brass Verdict, The
Coonts, Stephen. Disciple, The
Douglas, John. Anatomy of Motive, The
Flynn, Vince. [can't read title]
Green, Simon R. Daemons Are Forever
Green, Simon R. Unnatural
Lansdale, Joe R. Captains Outrageous
Marshall, Micheal. Intruders, The
McGarrity, Micheal. Death Song
Morrison, Helen. My Life Among the Serial Killers
Neuro-linguistic Programming for DUMMIES
Parker, Robert B.  Pale Kings and Princes
Parker, Robert B. Back Story
Parker, Robert B. Chance
Parker, Robert B. Cold Service
Parker, Robert B. Hugger Mugger
Parker, Robert B. Hush Money
Patterson, James. Double Cross
Rosenberg, Joel C. Twelfth Imam, The
Thomas, Ross. Cold War Swap, The
Thomas, Ross. Money Harvest, The
Thor, Brad. Last Patriot, The

Do these book titles say anything about the nude model?  Are they meant to convey some meaning?  Am I looking at the entirely wrong area of the photo?

So my question is this, and this for research:
As a librarian, when you see images of naked people posing with books, do you look at the titles to see what the naked people are reading?

Is there a future in pursuing this area of library research?  Do you think I could earn a Ph.D.for recording and analyzing the books found in nudie and porn photos and videos?  Because I probably already have enough research for three.

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