Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Identity Dilemma.

I'm at the point where the digital status of my real self is gaining on the digital status of my fake self.

Yet my fake self is still way ahead in popularity.

The problem that comes from this is that I often have professional questions to ask where I could use some feedback. If I use my fake identity to ask it on Twitter (this identity), more people will see the question and someone might answer. But I probably won't get the answer I need because this identity is fake. And people don't seem to want to waste brain power answering to a fake person.

But if I ask on my real account, hardly anyone replies and the question languishes like some lost message in a bottle, waiting to be freed. But the question will be taken seriously, eventually.

So I never know what to do. I can't ask the same question in both accounts because someone might actually notice and then my pseudonymity will be lost.

All I can ask is that if you see a question from a librarian asking for your opinion on some professional library stuff, it could be me. SO ANSWER THE FUCKING QUESTION.

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