Sunday, April 22, 2018

A Joker Story (I don't think I've seen)

A school bus filled with children is stopped on a deserted highway, surrounded by law enforcement vehicles parked at a safe distance. Assorted law enforcement personnel are positioned behind the vehicles and aiming their weapons at the bus.

The sound of laughter comes from the bus as a child's BACKPACK is tossed from the doorway. As the backpack hits the ground, several mobile phones tumble out.

JOKER's voice: How many times do we need to remind you that school is for learning, kids. Not sexting with your teachers.

The Joker emerges from the bus with his hands raised above his head. He wears an orange jumpsuit with words and decorations written in marker on the clothing.

A mobile PHONE is duct taped to his chest and "CALL ME 212-555-5309" is written on his back.

A police sniper has Joker in her sights. Her partner sees the phone number.

PARTNER Take the shot.

SNIPER I can't. He's surrendering.

PARTNER He's the Joker. He's always pulling something. He could have a bomb on the bus. He could call a number and, boom, the whole thing could go up.

SNIPER His hands are up.

PARTNER I could call that number on his back and when he goes for the phone, you could shoot him and say he was going for a weapon.

SNIPER I won't take the shot.

PARTNER I'm calling it. If you won't take the shot, one of these other guys will.

(He takes his phone and dials)


JOKER Beep! I'm so sorry I can't come to the phone now. As my hands are empty, I had to let the machine pick up.

the end.

** The Joker is property of somebody.