Thursday, January 10, 2013

#1 cause of librarian stress: NO CLEAR GUIDELINES TO SHOOT

Everyone has stress. I can't get the package of Pepperidge Farm Milanos open without tearing the fuck out of it, so that creates stress. A soldier in Iraq hears an explosion and that creates stress. A police officer hear gunshots and that creates stress. A firefighter see huge fireballs erupt from an auto parts store and that creates stress.

Stress arises from fear or frustration or uncertainty, or even certainty.

So don't tell me librarians don't suffer from stressful work environments. No, the cause for the stress isn't fire or bombs or bullets, so you can say librarians are being pussies if you want. But the one advantage that soldiers and police and firefighters have over librarians is that they know when they can say, "Fuck It."

Firefighters aren't required to fight every fire. If it's unsafe, they don't go in.

If the environment isn't safe, soldiers and police have guns to shoot you.

Librarians have nothing. We can't turn you away unless you are truly awful; and we can't shoot you.

So don't say we don't have legitimate stress.

If the librarian could shoot you, we would shoot your ass every day. Not all of you, but a few of you. Every fucking day.

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