Sunday, April 22, 2012


I understand that someone has probably already proposed this, but this is what they should have done on the HBO television show Game of Thrones:

When Daenerys Targaryen was given the wedding gift of the three dragon eggs, they should have been eggs from the movie Alien.

Then later, when Drogo was in his comatose state, she could have put the eggs with him, the witch (Mirri) and herself.  And as the eggs hatched to release the "facehuggers," they would attach to each of the three characters.

Then at the final scene of Season 1, the first two Alien would burst from Drogo and the witch's chests and crawl over to Daenerys just as her chest explodes.  And as her Alien creature emerges from her chest, she cries out, "It's a Queen.  I am The Queen!"

So the dragons in Game of Thrones would be Alien creatures and whichever army has them would be considered invincible.  But since we know that these creatures can't be controlled, the rest of the series would have been very short.  And a total bloodbath.

That's what they shoulda done.

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