Tuesday, June 12, 2012

the evolution of the ebook.

Books are slowing become computer games.  I keep hearing these futurists marveling at the infinite possibilities opening from the publishing of ebooks and gushing as if these improvements are something new.  But we know they are not. 

Computers games have done everything that ebooks are doing now.  The ereader is just a much more portable computer and the ebook is still just a story whether it's mostly words, or not.
  • What if your book had moving or scrolling text? Computer games already did it.
  • What if your book played music composed specifically for the current chapter of the story? Computer games already did it.
  • What if your book included moving images, videos, changing backgrounds, mood lighting? Computer games already did it.
  • What if there were no words at all, but sweeping musical scores, scenes performed by actors and explosions? Jerry Bruckheimer already did it..
eBooks are evolving to include music and video.

And one day your book will just be a movie, but you'll still tell everyone you're reading.

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